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Friday, 1 March 2013

Pattaya blossoms every month with full moon party

Thailand is a blissful country settled on the centre of the Indo China peninsula in Southeast Asia. This tiny country surrounded by Burma to the north, Combodia to the east and to the south by the Gulf of Thailand has given a great example of how a country without many natural resources can achieve a remarkable overall progress. The country with its sincere efforts of boosting tourism has reached the heights of success. Full moon party in Pattaya is a dazzling event.

It is the country preserving its past, traditions and culture in the form of its fairs and festivals. The colorful festivals of Thailand add charm and vigor to the lives of the locals and an opportunity for the visitors to get introduced to its rich culture and a friendly attitude towards life. The lovely attitude of the Thai people towards life can be easily observed in every walk of life. Thailand is dominated by Buddhism and Hinduism, and this religious dominance is very well rooted in the historic monuments and pilgrimage places. The Buddhist monasteries and ancient temples which are the great examples of art and architecture are the main attractions of the tourist. Major festivals of Thailand are a pack of entertainment in the traditional way. Full moon party in Thailand stands out different, since it was started by a group of tourists who thought that the full moon in Koh Phangan was most beautiful and they arranged a party at the Haad Rin beach to celebrate the charm of the night. This became a trend and was slowly transformed into an event of koh phangan fullmoon party, which is celebrated by hordes of people reaching the beach side during full moon days. The party starts at dusk when the circular yellow marvel appears in the skies. The beach slowly gets geared up with a vibrant celebration supported by music, dance and a roar of the crowds. There is lot of fun for everyone with fire-eaters and jugglers providing complete entertainment with there classic methods. With progressing night, the region blossoms with incredible display of fireworks. Everyone is immersed in the fun of the party till early morning when the moon fades and sun light starts appearing in the horizon.

Full moon party at Koh Phangan near Pattaya is a great means of entertainment for every age group. The party is rocked by the Thai as well as DJ making the crowds go wild. With the word of this party spreading mouth to mouth, this event has gained world wide popularity. This can be judged by viewing the growing numbers of celebrators reaching the beach front during full moon party 2013.
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