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Friday, 21 June 2013

Thailand Full Moon Party celebrated in June 2013

half moon party
Chiang Mai half moon party
Thailand is a kingdom of festivals which is always busy in celebrations of various regional and global events. There are many reasons for the tourists to visit this marvel of Asia called Thailand. Some of the invigorating occasions are the various parties held at beaches like half moon party, full moon party , black moon party, Shiva moon party or Chiang Mai half moon party. Celebrating various events throughout the year and partying at the exotic beaches on special occasions is much common in Thailand.

23rd June 2013 Fullmoon party
Fullmoon Party at Koh Phangan Island
Among these parties full moon party in Thailand is the most popular party amidst international tourists, who gather at various locations in Koh Phangan Island in the month of June. They participate in a whole night feast of vibrant entertainment. If you are a party enthusiast then these occasions are a perfect match to enjoy at the background of the glittery moon and the roaring of sea waves. Thailand beaches are dazzling with illuminations and the blaze of the cheering crowds. As the sun goes down at the islands and the moon starts blooming in the skies, party celebrators start gathering at the white sandy beach. As the evening moves further the party starts picking a momentum and the beach turns into a dancing stage. Everyone enters a trance of musical atmosphere where they can hear only the beats and bass of drums. Everyone is at liberty to choose the dance style he likes ranging from commercial dance to the recent reggae. The mob is entertained by fire eaters, jugglers and fire walkers, who present their explicit skills making the night more dazzling. With attractive display of fireworks the place becomes a floating paradise, under the bliss of the moon light making the waves shining like silver fish. Vendors are at service providing drinks and bites of incredible sea food to the night owls. With the advancing night the party reaches a peak when the participants are totally immersed in the joy of music and dance. There are no limits to your enjoyment you just have to grab the thrill as much as you can. Thailand holidays invariably offer you a chance to join one of these exclusive parties.

June Half Moon Party Location
Thailand Half Moon Party 
Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

Fun at Full Moon Party

shiva moon party,
Thailand Shiva Moon Party 
Thailand Holiday - Full Moon Party

23rd June Full Moon Party
If you are excited by knowing about the fun involved in these beach parties then don’t just wait, reach the beaches of the islands for a full moon party 2013 in Thailand, celebration which is on 23rd of June. There are splendid condo rooms near the popular beaches of Thailand where you can stay for an easy access to the incredible beaches.

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