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Friday, 5 July 2013

Exciting Aspects of Thailand Tourism

The only country in south-east Asia that has been untouched by colonial rule, Thailand is visited by plenty of tourists every year. A strong presence of Buddhism, monarchy and military has greatly influenced the social and political structure of this country. But certain regions like southern provinces have a significant population of Muslims and ethnic Malays. Bangkok, the capital city, has grown rapidly over the years and has become one of Asia's most vibrant cities. Many other cities of the country have been instrumental in the development of Thailand tourism and attracted many travelers, mainly from the western countries. All these cities offer tremendous opportunities for shopping as well several leisure activities. There are many regions that have beautiful natural surroundings and include waterfalls, forests and sandy beaches. Economy of Thailand has achieved a great deal of stability in recent times under the able leadership of its new prime minister. Excellent infrastructure of this region also contributes to a great extent in facilitating travel.

Thailand Nightlife
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a cosmopolitan city, inviting many visitors to its exciting nightlife and cultural activities. Tourists would find many interesting places to see in this particular region, which include the Grand Palace and temple complexes that date back to the late eighteenth century. Floating Market is another great attraction for several tourists, where they can see plenty of boats moving through narrow canals offering vegetables and fruits for sale. To the north of the country lies a city and province called Chiang Mai. It is well-known for its mountains and forests which take travelers closer to nature and provide a huge relief from soaring temperatures. This province also has a famous temple known as 'Wat Chedi Luang', which was built in the early fifteenth century. Certain areas around the city are inhabited by indigenous tribes that still practice their tradition of elongating the neck using metal rings. People traveling to Thailand never miss Phuket, which is home to some of the best beaches. Nightlife in this part of the world is well-known among numerous tourists, as it gives plenty of options such as bars, cabaret shows, alcohol and great music. Another interesting town to visit is Pattaya, which has several attractions like beaches, floating markets and a Bottle Art Museum. Ayutthaya is a place where one can find plenty of ancient ruins that date back to the mid-fourteenth century. It also has several old temples, fortresses, memorials and monasteries. Tourists can find many interesting statues in its temples, which include a 39-foot long reclining Buddha.

Ayutthaya Travel Guide
In recent times, many travel companies have come up with some interesting travel packages to attract tourists who are interested in visiting Thailand. Different types of packages are designed to suit the budgets and travel preferences of travelers. Itineraries that are included in them provide wonderful opportunities for tourists to visit most of the attractions in the country. Almost all the travel companies have their own websites on which travelers can book Thailand packages that are best suited for them. Recent developments in technology have made these websites more user-friendly, helping the individuals browsing these sites to move through all the sections quite easily. Most of these websites offer all the aspects of travel, such as flight booking, hotel reservations and holiday packages. Often, there are discount schemes and special offers made available on these sites. This offers a chance for travelers to have greater savings that come in handy during their vacations in Thailand. Some travel websites also provide plenty of valuable information about Thailand, such as places to visit, options in accommodation and festivals of the country.
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