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Friday, 21 February 2014

Come and Enjoy Dragon Boat Race in Thailand

Thailand is blessed by nature with a unique topography which consists of mountains, rivers and some of the top beaches which are bringing thousands of tourists to its popular islands. Tourists admire its diverse nature and culture, which has made this country a topmost attraction of this region. This heart of Southeast Asia invites its guests for a exclusive stay at its popular destinations each having its own charm.

Dragon Boat Race in Thailand

Friendly people of Thailand mostly believers in Buddhism are tolerant towards other religions and welcome tourists and visitors for knowing more about fundamental techniques like meditation. Spread of Buddhism in this region has left its marks on the lifestyle as well as its way of celebrating some auspicious moments in life. Fairs and festivals keep a prominent place in the life of these people and they celebrate these occasions with lots of pomp and gaiety. Among the many colourful festivals of Thailand Boat race is one of the charming events, which create lot of anxiety among the participants as well as the spectators. This destination gifted with islands, rivers and canals organizes spectacular events of boat race called Dragon boat race conducted normally in the month of September. This is the time when the rivers and waterways are brimmed up with water to their full capacity and are favourable for the boat races. Some of the provinces in which these races are held are Phitsanulok, Chumphon and Phichit. This ancient long boat racing festival is now looked upon as a favourite sports on the river banks. The venues of these boat races become awesome during this time when the riversides are full of spectators eager to watch the colourful men navigating the beautiful long boats. Its pure entertainment listening to the shouts and cheers from the crowds, accompanied by an ambiance full of enthusiasm and happiness. Getting an accommodation during these festivities is somewhat difficult but you can approach the cheap condos for rent in order to witness these festivals. Apartments for rent in Bangkok also serve as the best alternative and budget apartments in Thailand are the most revered economical residences on rent.

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