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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand preserving the reputation of a most popular tourist destination in Asia remains a leading country to bring thousands of tourists to its tourist attractions. Tourism is supposed to be the main factor, which helped this nation in its fast development. This peace loving country has developed its islands, beaches and other tourist attractions into an all time heaven for tourists. There is a long list of tourist hot spots in Thailand from which some of the selected places to visit are:  

Phi Phi Island: This beautiful island embellished with beaches bordered with white powdered sand and dark bluish waters has a splendid location in the middle of Andaman Sea. The island which can be approached from Krabi and Phuket town has the popular Maya Bay. There are many resorts located at a close distance. It offers a chance to enjoy world class diving at a most precise rate under the supervision of instructors. The island is like a limestone formation coming above surface of water. This is the best place to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and riding long boat tours around the island.

Attractions: Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Patong: This name is referred in context of the town as well as the popular beach located on west coast of Phuket. This popular tourist resort is well known for its shopping opportunities and the undisputed nightlife engulfed in its locations like Bangla road and paradise complex. There are innumerable discos, nightclubs and go-go bars. It is popular among westerners as the best place for merry making and partying. As the sun sets patong dazzles with neon signs and a bustling nightlife experience. There are many other attractions to visit like its waterfalls, rainforests, flying hanuman, tiger kingdom and the kathu mining museum.

Top Attraction in Thailand: Patong Beach, Phuket
Patong Beach, Phuket
Ratchaburi: It is full of opportunities for the visitors like strolling in its floating markets, ancient caves, temples and above all the charming women ratchaburi a historical town concealing myriads of historical evidences. Its diverse topography listing Tanaosi Mountains in the west and lowlands in the east provides lots of historical sites and natural attractions. You will have a chance to get close encounter with the awesome natural beauty as well as the mixed Thai culture. Visit to Damnoen Saduak a well-known floating market, should not be missed during your tour of this region.

Attractions in Thailand: Ratchaburi Floating Market, Thailand
Ratchaburi Floating Market, Thailand
Other best places to visit in Thailand include Bangkok, Ayutthaya, krabi, Kanchanaburi, chon buri, Phang nga and Sukhothai. Thailand welcomes its visitors with hoards of attractions and its homely places of accommodations. The latest in the series of comfortable accommodations are the condominiums available at major tourist cities. During your visit of Thailand you can book one of the condominiums for rent at united-21 Thailand and enjoy a pleasant stay, which is the only cost effective alternative.
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