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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Visit Thailand During Festival of Chakri Memorial Day 2014

Thailand is a multi faceted, multi colored and multi cultural country inviting visitors from many corners of the world. Tourists find pleasure in its dazzling tourist destinations, exclusive topography, mind blowing beaches and serene historic monuments. In spite of all this the country is also well known for some of the exclusive festivals celebrated throughout the year.

Chakri Memorial Day 2014

Festivals of Thailand can be divided into religious festivals, harvest festivals, national festivals and food festivals. Among this long list of festivals one important event celebrated on a national level is Chakri Memorial Day in Thailand. It commemorates the establishment of Chakri Dynasty in 1782 by king Rama I. In remembrance of this graceful occasion, during this day national flag is displayed by the masses. Huge ceremonies arranged during this day are attended by government officials as well as members of community. In these ceremonies high gratitude is shown by offering flowers and garlands to statues in the house of Chakri. Thailand is ruled by series of Chakri dynasty kings in which Bhumbol Adulyadej is the current king, popularly called King Rama IX or the ninth king of Chakra dynasty. King Rama I founder of the Chakri dynasty built the most popular Grand palace in which Emerald Buddha is kept. During Chakri Memorial Day a royal event is organized, in which the present king pays respect to the first king and founder of Chakri dynasty. Chakri Day was celebrated for the first time on 6th of April 1782 and every year it is celebrated on the same day.

It’s a great thing for the visitors to be present in Thailand on this very special day. Visit Thailand during this day and witness the awesome official as well as public celebrations of Chakri day. Enjoy your Thailand holidays during this festive period by staying in United-21 Seaview Condos located at major tourist destinations of Thailand.
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