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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a Grand Event in Thailand

If you are a vegetarian planning a visit to Thailand, the 'Phuket Vegetarian festival' would be a great festive season to savour some delicious vegetarian dishes of the country. This festival, which is a grand treat for vegetarians, is normally held during the period between 24th of September and 2nd of October in different parts of Thailand. Although this festival is celebrated across the nation, the celebrations in Phuket attract most of the tourists visiting the country around this time of the year.
Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Phuket is one of the fabulous travel destinations of Thailand, with picturesque natural surroundings and beautiful beaches. The nine-day vegetarian festival is celebrated by organizing parades and completely avoiding non-vegetarian food, in order to pay homage to the nine gods of Chinese origin. Besides its religious significance, the festival is also a means of purifying one's body and soul by eating only the vegetarian food during this period. Phuket has around 40 Chinese temples and all of them participate in this festive season.

Some of the important events held during this festival are 'Horse Chariots' and 'Ma Song'. Tourists can book their accommodations in any of the popular hotels in Phuket while touring Thailand during the Vegetarian Festival. This enables them to have comfortable stays and the required convenience in getting to places where all the grand festivities take place.
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